Fresh, full of flavour,
from all over the world and
from vegan to your
favorite guilty pleasures

Our restaurant, the place where original cocktails,
surprising dishes and great music come together.

Slightly different from that standard restaurant, no part is our main concern except your experience.

Loud music from disco to soul, our mega cheerful host, our surprising dishes, the cocktails you won’t find anywhere else and the board games that are spread over all booths. We take you and your company along in an experience, which we call FUN to keep it short.

Reserveer je tafel vast met de pop-up rechtsonder in je scherm;)

Our Restaurant

Of course I can tell you the best stories about our restaurant and the food we serve, but you will have to come and experience this for yourself.

What I can tell you is that both our batenders and our kitchen team are working every day to bring together the great flavors that the world has to offer.

In the link on the right you will find our menus so be sure to click on the link if you are curious!

Would you like a bite to eat at Bleyenberg? Bring your friends too, we have booths that can hold up to 10 people. You can book your table with the pop-up at the bottom right of this screen.

Food Menu

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